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09.04.2018 21:23

Ecotourism in Uzbekistan brought to the tourism market of the EU countries

The Association of Private Tourism Agencies of Uzbekistan published an advertising and information brochure, which provides information about the ecotourism potential of the regions of Uzbekistan. The brochure will be distributed to European Union tour operators.

All information is provided in English language. The text is richly illustrated with high quality photos.

The project is aimed at development of rural tourism or the so-called CBT (Community Based Tourism) tourism. CBT tourism is considered as services provided by rural families on an individual basis. Tourist services are sold directly to tourists or through tour operators and can include overnight accommodation and breakfast, excursions, local attractions, etc.

The first edition provides general information about ecotourism potential of Uzbekistan regions.

The second edition will provide information about guest houses in each region of the country. This edition will be published at the end of 2018.

The brochure was prepared and published within the framework of the project supported by the European Union "Strengthening rural and ecotourism through business associations for sustainable economic development in Central Asia".

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