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03.07.2018 23:08

The best ideas of young innovators

Now long lines in medical institutions can be completely eliminated. The program “” is created, with the help of which one can make an appointment with a doctor at a certain time, as well as immediately get information from the medical history.

With the help of the program developed by 2nd year student of Kovchin Agricultural Vocational College in Kashkadarya region Doston Kholboyev, you can register by entering the passport data and placing the medical history in the program. According to the patient’s passport data, the doctor can get acquainted with the history of the disease. This saves time both of a doctor and a patient. In addition, with the help of the program, users can make an appointment with a doctor and conduct all activities related to medical institution online. Another, noteworthy aspect – there is a mobile application program that provides additional convenience for users.

Innovative development of a student of Fergana Industrial Vocational College Muhammadkodir Abduvoitov, aimed at development of tourism also deserves special attention. He created “VR TOUR UZBEKISTAN” application.

Muhammadkodir approves that through the application tourists can book tickets for flights, hotels, restaurants, taxis, all this, first of all, promotes the propagation of tourism potential of the country, and secondly, creates the basis for providing qualitative services.

For the development of tourism, the innovative idea of Dilfuza Karamadinova, who finished the first course of Nukus College of Tourism and Service in Karakalpakstan, is also significant. She developed a project of a cinema for 60 places in a yurt. A mobile yurt-cinema in the oriental style will certainly attract the attention of tourists. The cinema will show videos about tourism and national values.

A.Khudoykulov, UzA
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