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31.10.2017 21:23

New ideas and projects contribute to the development

“Everyone shall be guaranteed the freedom of research and engineering work,

the right to enjoy cultural benefits. 

The state shall promote the cultural, scientific and technical development of the society”.

Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Article 42.

New ideas and inventions play an invaluable role in development and prosperity of the state and society. The legal basis for the protection of intellectual property is enshrined in the Constitution and other laws of our country.

The initiative youth of our country are successfully implementing the results of their scientific searches, new projects due to favorable environment and opportunities. “Smart library” project created by Gulomjon Nazarov, a student of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy, contributes to further development of libraries, promotion of reading among the population, especially youth.

– A unified database of library visitors across the country will be formed within the framework of the project, – said G.Nazarov. – Regardless of which library a reader is registered in, he/she can freely use services of other libraries. All necessary information for this is stored in the reader’s identification card. Special devices of “smart libraries” read it from the identification card and identify their readers.

In addition, special drones are used in the “smart libraries” for the transfer of books. A book is delivered quickly and accurately through the information entered in them. And through the “Smart scanner”, the reader can remotely make a copy or even download a book. Implementation of this project will not only facilitate the work of libraries, but also help readers save money and time.

At present, the “smart libraries” system is working at the university in test mode.

Another university student Mirokil Yorkulov is also one of the active young people who are striving for innovations. He developed the “Karaul” (“Guard”) antivirus program. It is able to protect a computer from viruses that get through external media. This program of M.Yorkulov took the first place in the contest “BestSoftChallenge – 2013” in the nomination “Best development of computer applications”.

Guzal Sattorova, UzA
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