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11.04.2018 21:33

Navoi will use the energy of wind and solar installations

Specialists of the Center for Information and Communication Technologies at the Northern Mining Department of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat are conducting research on creating devices for generating electricity from the energy of the sun and wind. Electromechanic of the center Elbek Kholboyev managed to create a wind power plant.

At present, measures are being taken on introducing the plant into production. Experienced specialists, who are conducting practical tests of scientifically sound ideas have also installed solar panels on the territory of the center. A new development can regularly produce electrical energy or has the ability to store it for future use. The installation is easy to use and durable.

If to take into account that the mine facilities are located in Kyzylkum desert, this invention will become indispensable for increasing labor productivity, reducing costs. For example, more than 800 employees are working at Daugyztau mine, located 130 kilometers from the city of Uchkuduk. Communication problems arose due to interruptions in power supply. Now the needs of the population of Daugyztau in electricity will be fully satisfied.

Nuriddin Rakhimov, UzA
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