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28.08.2017 17:31

Women’s sports festival in Andijon

Women’s sports festival in Andijon The regional phase of women’s sports festival has taken place in Andijon. This festival is being conducted as part of the implementation of the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests state programme.

The festival, devoted to the 26th anniversary of the independence of the Motherland, was arranged by the Andijon Regional hokimiyat (governorate), the regional women’s committee and the regional directorate for physical training and sports on the slogan “My love and devotion to you, my native Uzbekistan”.

16 teams competed in the sports festival in such sports as volleyball, track and field athletics, table tennis, chess, swimming, darts and gymnastics.

This traditional festival is conducted for the purpose of further popularizing sports among women and ensuring that a healthy lifestyle takes hold in families. In its early stages at the level of neighbourhoods, towns and districts, about 90,000 women and girls participated.

“All the necessary conditions are being created for women to actively engage in sports. There are more than a thousand qualified trainers working effectively in our region. More than 25 thousand women and girls regularly train in sports. About 120 thousand women have been involved in mass sports. This helps to raise the effectiveness of work on establishing a healthy lifestyle in families and bringing up a physically healthy generation,” says Manzura Yusupova, the chairperson of the regional women’s committee and deputy hokim (governor) of the region.

The team of Marhamat District achieved first place and obtained the right to participate in the republican phase of the festival.

The team of Izbaskan District took second place, and the team of Oltinkol District took third place.

The winners of some additional nominations in the festival were also determined.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, photo by Zuhriddin Umrzoqov, UzA
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