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10.08.2017 15:27

Women’s Sports Festival

Women’s Sports Festival Navoi hosted women’s sports festival under the slogan “My love and devotion to you, my dear Uzbekistan!” dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the Independence of our Motherland.

The festival, organized jointly by the regional Women’s committee, the Association of trade unions and the council of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan and other organizations, was attended by 10 teams.

It was noted that special attention being paid in our country to strengthening women’s health by further popularization of sports among them, promoting healthy lifestyle in families is yielding its positive results.

Participants competed in sports such as athletics, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, chess and darts.

According to the results of the competition, Navoi region’s team took the first place. The second place was taken by athletes of Navbakhor district, and the third by representatives of Khatirchy district. Winners were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts by the organizers.

Nuriddin Rakhimov, photo by Siroj Aslonov, UzA
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