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12.12.2016 16:46

Uzbek martial art tournament for Kamolot cup held in capital city

Uzbek martial art tournament for Kamolot cup held in capital city An Uzbek martial art tournament for the Kamolot cup has been held in the capital city.

Nearly 400 sportsmen participated in the competition arranged by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the foundation for the development of children's sports and the national Uzbek martial art federation at the initiative of the Kamolot public youth movement.

In the tournament, sportsmen had their mastery tested in individual and team exercises and one-to-one fighting.

"Sports not only help people be healthy but also serve to realize their noble dream of defending the Motherland's glory in various competitions. I participated in competitions held in many countries of the world such as Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Now I am an Uzbek martial art trainer at general education school No 29 in the town of Bukhara. I believe that in future some of our trainees will become very good sportsmen," says Sanobarbegim Ashurova from Bukhara.

"I have been training in Uzbek martial art for three years now. The Kamolot cup tournament created an opportunity for us to have our mastery and experience tested," says an 8th grade pupil at school No 36 in Asaka District, khudoyberdi Mukhtorov.

The winners and runners-up of the competition were awarded medals, diplomas and memorable gifts.

Bayram Aytmurodov, photo by Muhammad Amin, UzA
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