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26.05.2017 09:29

Swimmers win first medals of sports games

Swimmers win first medals of sports games Swimmers have won the first medals of the “Barkamol avlod (harmoniously developed generation) - 2017” sports games that are continuing in the town of Jizzakh.

In the Soghdiyona sports complex, good sportsmen who had gone through the qualifying stages of the competitions “Barkamol avlod -2017” competed in such styles of swimming as breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke and freestyle stroke. Among the participants were winners and runners-up of national and international competitions, which guaranteed fierce competition.

Fotima Amilova won a gold medal among girls in 50 metres butterfly stroke. In the same distance competition among lads, Zufar Abdulazizov from Andijon won.

“These competitions are the most unforgettable experience in my life. Thanks to great care and attention from our state, all the necessary conditions have been created for young people to engage in sports, including swimming. I am happy that I could avail myself of this opportunity and become a winner of the `Barkamol avlod’ competitions,” says Fotima Amilova from Qashqadaryo Region.

In 50 metres backstroke, sportspeople from the capital city, Irina Ushakova and Aleksey Tarasenko, won the highest awards.

In 100 metres butterfly stroke, Marjina Urazimbetova from Qoraqalpoghiston and Artem Kozlyuk from Tashkent achieved the best results.

In 200 metres free-style swimming, Shanoza Sodiqova from Andijon and Olimjon Adylov from Navoiy Region won.

Diplomas and valuable gifts were given to the winners.

Ziyodulla Jonibekov, Toshkul Beknazarov, photo by Yolqin Shamsiddinov and Sherzod Nazarov, UzA
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