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22.12.2017 22:07

Sports festival in Andijon

At the Andijon Olympic reserve college, a sports festival has taken place on the slogan of "We are for peace and tranquility".

The festival was arranged by the Andijon regional hokimiyat (governorate) jointly with the regional directorate for physical training and sports, the regional department of internal affairs and political parties' regional councils.

It was said at the festival that in this country special attention was paid to the development of sports, especially children's sports.

The chiefs of the regional federations of more than 10 sports such as karate, taekwondo, boxing, sambo, weight lifting, freestyle wrestling, national kurash (wrestling), Uzbek martial arts and fencing, representatives of the wide public and sportspeople who had achieved high results and trainees of sports schools for children and young people in the region took part in the festival.

Young sportspeople displayed their mastery in each of the sports.

Diplomas and valuable gifts were given to lads and girls who took an active part in competitions and demonstrative shows conducted as part of the festival.

Certificates of merit and memorable gifts were given to the chiefs of sports federations and establishments for making a good contribution to the development of sports.

"Such events serve to further strengthen our confidence about our capability of achieving victory," says a student of the Qorghontepa district sports school for children and young people, Hurshid Yoldoshev.

Olympic games winners and world champions Muhammadqodir Abdullayev's and Utkir Haydarov's participation in events of the festival helped to widely propagate sports and healthy lifestyles among young people.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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