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24.08.2017 22:20

School of young talents

School of young talents 2,600 boys and girls regularly train at a sports school for children and young people, that is under the Bukhara Regional directorate for physical training and sports. This school specializes in combat sports.

Modern conditions have been created at the school, and training is conducted here in such sports as wrestling, freestyle wrestling, sambo, judo, taekwondo, boxing, archery and fencing.

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More than 50 young people train in its section of wrestling that helps to bring up the younger generation to be brave and patriotic. Young wrestlers are increasing their mastery under the supervision of a laureate of the “El-yurt hurmait [nation’s respect]” award, Sobir Kurbonov, and they are participating successfully in prestigious competitions in this country and abroad.

Photo by Tohir Istatov, UzA
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