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03.07.2017 21:14

Renovated stadium of Nasaf

Renovated stadium of Nasaf Karshi town’s “Markaziy (central)” stadium has been renovated and put into use.

In this stadium, the Nasaf football club’s matches take place. The opening ceremony of the stadium was attended by representatives of state and public organizations, sportsmen, employees of mass media and football fans.

Under the leadership of the President, special attention is paid to the development of sports and physical training, and especially to the further raising of the popularity of football.

It has been said that football is a game of millions and that football clubs’ material-technical bases are being strengthened, and modern stadiums are being built to world standards.

As a result of large-scale construction work that has been carried out, this stadium has been built for 21 thousand spectators. The stadium has all the necessary conditions for football fans. Modern engineering-communications structures have been installed there. Good quality turfs have been laid.

“As a football fan, I am very glad that the stadium has been renovated and that it is very modern and beautiful. Now there is this good stadium in our town too. We believe that our footballers will achieve big victories domestically and internationally and make football fans glad,” says Farhod Boymurodov of Karshi town.

A concert was performed by artistes and young performers. Then the first game of Uzbekistan cup quarter finals took place. In this game, the Nasaf club defeated the Qoqon-1912 team by a score of 4 to 1.

The hokim (governor) of Qashqadaryo Region, Roziyev, made a speech at the event.

Olmas Barotov, photo by Jamshid Norqobilov, UzA
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