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13.07.2018 09:51

Youth Union’s activities in Muynak

The Decree of the President of the country “On the State program “Yoshlar – kelajagimiz” of June 27, 2018 provides for the opening new prospects for full support of youth entrepreneurship, active involvement of youth in this sphere and ensuring their employment.

Activities of special staff and working groups have been established throughout the country in order to ensure implementation of the State program “Yoshlar – kelajagimiz” (“Youth – Our Future”).

According to the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, members of working groups are studying and analyzing interests, desires and aspirations, plans of youth, their problems and concerns. They are visiting houses, collecting information and taking necessary measures on providing practical assistance to young people to be engaged in entrepreneurship, providing them with loans.

An effective work is also being carried out in Karakalpakstan on ensuring implementation of this program. Members of the republican working group met with young boys and girls of Muynak district. Youth presented their projects on organization of greenhouses, establishment of production of bread and bakery products, service, library activities.

At the meetings, taking into account young people’s wishes and needs, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan decided to allocate 10 sewing machines, 10 computers and other technical equipment, as well as sports equipment for sports hall to the Youth Center located in Muynak Industrial Transport Professional College.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA
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