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05.02.2018 18:28

Was ancient bridge in Surhondaryo Region built by Alexander of Macedon?

There is an ancient brick bridge over a big stream in Qumqorghon district of Surhondaryo Region. Locals call it the Macedon bridge.

This structure is for people and vehicles to cross. It is of interest not only to locals but also is a tourist attraction as a unique ancient structure.

Was this magnificent structure really built by Alexander of Macedon?

According to historical sources, in the year 327 B.C. Alexander of Macedon captured the town of Termiz and changed its name to Alexandria.

As written briefly about the history of this ancient structure, the bridge has no relation to Alexander of Macedon. More precisely, this unique and firm structure was built in the days of Abdullahon in the XVI century. At one time, it was of significance to trade links with neighbouring countries.

This year, the bridge was completely restored to its original appearance.

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