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29.12.2017 17:01

“Vodiy – 5” road-patrol station at the entrance to Fergana has been liquidated. This is just the beginning of activities on reduction in the number of stations

The President of our country, in the Address to the Oliy Majlis, criticized the negative impact of patrol stations functioning between the regions not only on the population, but also on the economy, demanded to take measures on eliminating this barrier.

Their activities have been revised in a short term, in Fergana region. Measures are being taken on eliminating 8 stations of the road patrol service.

“Vodiy – 5” road patrol station, located at the entrance to Fergana from Fergana district created inconveniences for drivers and passengers because of traffic congestion. Henceforth, the activity of this station has stopped.

– We are very happy to hear this news, – says Nosirjon Rakhimov from Vuadil village of Fergana district. – Residents of Shakhimardon village also had to face such difficulties in order to get to the Sokh district.

Masudjon Suleymanov, UzA
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