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17.11.2017 21:18

Veterans’ place commissioned in Vobkent district of Bukhara Region

Veterans’ place commissioned in Vobkent district of Bukhara Region In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 28 December 2016 “On measures to further improve the work of the Nuroniy foundation providing social support for veterans of Uzbekistan”, veterans’ places are being created in all the districts and towns of this country.

There are the necessary conditions at veterans’ places for representatives of the older generation to spend their time meaningfully, to relax and to improve their health.

In districts and towns of Bukhara Region, the construction of such places is also being completed, and they are being put into use.


In the opening ceremony of such a place in the Vobkent district park of culture and recreation, representatives of public and state establishments, veterans, young people and mass media workers participated.

“In our country, special attention is paid to providing comprehensive support for us, veterans, and improving our health. In this place, where the district department of the Nuroniy [veteran] foundation will be working, there is everything that we, elders, need, including a library, a medical room, a teahouse, a canteen and a gym,” says labour veteran Muhammad Jumayev.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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