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12.06.2019 20:34

Uzbekistan delegation attends international conference

Uzbekistan delegation attends international conference
Budapest hosts international conference of the Central and Eastern European countries on partnership and cooperation in oncology.

The event is organized by the World Health Organization, the government and the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary. It is attended by about 200 representatives from 53 countries of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, including a delegation from Uzbekistan.

More than 96 thousand oncological patients are registered in Uzbekistan. More than 20 thousand newly diagnosed cancer patients are registered annually. These are mainly patients with breast, stomach, or cervical cancer.

Many cases of cancer are detected when it is difficult or impossible to cure. For example, in 2018, 50.9 percent of patients were diagnosed with stage III-IV disease.

Uzbekistan pays great attention to improving the quality of specialized oncological care, building and creating a complete system for the full coverage of all segments of the population to solve this problem. Cooperation with international organizations, leading clinics of foreign countries, constant exchange of experience with the best experts of the world play an important role in this process. Participation of Uzbekistan delegation in this important event is another step in this area.

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