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05.09.2017 18:08

Towards raising the effectiveness of propagation events

In Andijon, a seminar has taken place on issues of forming a society of enlightenment propagators and initiating its work on a permanent basis.

The Andijon Regional hokimiyat (governorate) held this seminar in partnership with the regional department of the morality and enlightenment centre as part of the implementation of a Presidential decree dated 28 July 2017 “On raising the effectiveness of moral enlightenment work and elevating the development of this sphere to a new level”.

The seminar was attended by specialists, deputy chiefs of educational establishments for moral enlightenment work, creative intelligentsia and public representatives and young people.

It was said that in this country, large-scale work was being done to strengthen the moral foundations of society’s life, to raise the effectiveness of enlightenment work, to preserve and propagate national values, customs and traditions.

“The improving of the work of lower tiers of bodies of state administration and the ensuring of their dialogue with the people are specified as priority tasks in the2017-2021 Action Strategy on five priority areas of the further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Therefore, special attention is being paid to expanding the scope of and enriching the content of moral enlightenment work and strengthening the knowledge of specialists working in this system,” says M.Quronov, the first deputy chairman of the morality and enlightenment centre of the republic.

During the event, there was an exchange of opinions on the wide propagation of the essence and significance of reforms being implemented in this country, state programmes and legislative documents among the population and on explaining to young people complicated geopolitical and ideological processes going on in the world.

Specialists gave detailed answers to questions that were of interest to participants in the seminar.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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