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11.12.2017 16:59

The raising of the qualifications of interior officers being improved

At the academy of the internal affairs ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a scientific practical conference has taken place on the training of interior officers and the raising of their qualifications.

The first deputy chief of the academy, O.Muhamedov, and others said that in this country, special attention was paid to the issue of training highly qualified and knowledgeable interior officers.

A Presidential decree dated 16 August 2017 on measures to improve the system of training interior officers and raising their qualifications further stepped up work in this area.

During the conference, discussions were held on reforms being carried out on training qualified personnel for the interior bodies and on future tasks in their education system.

Today special attention is paid to ensuring that educational establishments in the system of the internal affairs ministry have professors and teachers with practical experience.

Modern methods of teaching are being widely introduced, and possibilities are being created for cadets and teachers to use global informational-educational resources.

Opinions were expressed on work being done on training interior officers at higher educational institutions and at qualification upgrade centres, training qualified personnel for all the services of the interior bodies and improving the functioning of educational institutions in modern spheres of personnel training.

Guzal Sattorova, UzA
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