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16.08.2016 12:31:01

The number of women engaging in sports is increasing

A women’s sports festival under the slogan of “My life, my destiny – my native unique Uzbekistan” has taken place in Samarqand.

The event was arranged by the regional women’s committee in cooperation with a number of other organizations as part of the implementation of the Year of Maternal and Child Health state programme.

More than 200 women who had won in the district and town stages of the competition took part in this event.

Sh.Nurmatova, deputy chairperson of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, and others have said that under the leadership of the country’s President, special attention is being paid to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by popularizing sports.

Large-scale work is being carried out in the sphere of developing women’s sports and supporting their enthusiasm and initiative.

This sports festival, which has been held traditionally every year for the past few years, also serves to widely propagate sports among women.

“As a result of constant attention being given to the development of sports in our country the number of women engaging in sports is increasing with every passing year. This is evident in the fact that several thousands more sportswomen participated in all the stages of the festival of this year than that of last year. It is worthy of special attention that members of women’s sports clubs established in neighbourhoods have been active and have set examples for others to follow,” says N.Rabbimova, deputy hokim (governor) of Samarqand Region and chairperson of the regional women’s committee.

During the festival, amateur sportswomen’s teams competed among themselves in seven sports. Sportswomen of Samarqand excelled with their mastery and agility and achieved first place. The Kattaqorqhon team took second place, and female representatives of Samarqand District took third place.

The winners and runners-up were given the awards they deserved.