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14.06.2018 10:59

The number of non-state institutions is increasing

In Tashkent region, 228 pre-school education institutions were put into operation in the current year. In accordance with the roadmap developed in the region in this area, it is planned to build 164 non-state pre-school education institutions in cities and districts, 48 PEIs – on the basis of public-private partnership and establishment of 16 kindergartens.

Currently, there are 509 pre-school education institutions in the region. They cover 35 percent of children of kindergarten age or 69,490 boys and girls.

Over the past period of the current year, business entities and citizens in the region have established 32 non-state pre-school education institutions for 1,869 places.

Avazbek Khudoykulov, UzA
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