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29.12.2017 20:09

Scientist/inventor from Karakalpakstan suggests flying motorized hang glider over Aral Sea

66 year-old Yusup Kamalov is of the opinion that it is advisable to fly a hang glider to see wonderful places in the Aral Sea area.

The scientist himself has proven that it is actually possibly to fly a hang glider to travel to such places. In his opinion, tourists who spare no expense to engage in extreme sports may fly a hang glider from Muynak and see the water area of the Aral Sea and the Ustyurt plateau.

According to some reports, two tourists can easily travel 200 – 300 km by motorized hang glider.

A hang glider without a motor can be used to travel to places such as Chilpiq and Bestobe, which is in the area of the “Nazarkhan” steppe village. That is, jump from high ground and enjoy soaring in the air for quite a while.

“40 years ago, I built two hang gliders for scientific research and learned to fly them. Then I bought two more hang gliders. Nowadays I am doing research into windsurfing. Here we have all the necessary conditions for engaging in extreme sports, specifically flying a hang glider. Those interested in this sphere would find it enjoyable to fly over the Aral Sea. Moreover, this might increase the tourist flow to Uzbekistan,” the scientist says.

Yusup Kamalov works at the Karakalpakstan department of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. His scientific research focuses on wind energy. He also engages in dealing with ecological problems.

M.Pirnazarova, commentator of the Karakalpakstan news agency, 
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