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17.04.2018 15:59

Samarkand celebrates writer’s birthday

Samarkand widely celebrated the 140th anniversary of the outstanding representative of Uzbek and Tajik literature Sadriddin Aini’s birth.

At the events held in educational and cultural institutions of Samarkand region, members of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, literary scholars and critics, famous creative figures spoke about scientific and creative activity of Sadriddin Aini, his rich literary heritage.

– Throughout his creative activity, Sadriddin Aini, along with creation of works of art, also conducted an effective activity on studying history of Uzbek literature, – said professor of Samarkand State University, literary scholar Dilorom Salokhiy. – In particular, during the opening of Uzbek State University (now Samarkand State University) in Samarkand, he together with Abdurauf Fitrat took part in establishment of department of Uzbek classical literature of this higher education institution. Another recognized merit of this outstanding writer is collection and analysis of 100 ghazals of Alisher Navoi, previously unknown to literary critics.

At the event, organized in the house museum of Sadriddin Aini, in the city of Samarkand, in conjunction with Samarkand State University, the regional branch of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan and other organizations, students were told about the life of the outstanding writer and his works.

Golib Khasanov, UzA
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