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08.08.2018 21:23

Returning the Turkestan barbel

Returning the Turkestan barbel
At the Research Center for Fisheries, established at the Joint Stock Commercial Mortgage Bank “Ipoteka-Bank”, large-scale cooperation with foreign partners is established together with implementation of scientific research in the sphere and scientific support of fish farms.

In July this year the Research Center signed memorandums with the Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute and the Freshwater Fisheries Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (FFRC).

According to the agreement, leading scientists and experts of China will render assistance in carrying out scientific research in Uzbekistan in fish farming. Leaders and specialists of the industry will undergo advanced training courses on introduction of intensive technologies for fish growing. Students of the fish culture department of Tashkent State Agrarian University will adopt the secrets of the industry from Chinese researchers.

Cooperation with Chinese scientists began in the 80’s of the last century. Then, according to the agreement, Turkestan barbell, included in the Red Book and currently living in Amudarya, was taken to China for breeding. Currently, it is grown in China on an industrial scale and is successfully exported.

– We are paying special attention to improving skills of farmers for growing fish based on modern technologies. According to the memorandum, it is planned to bring the Turkestan barbel to our country, – said the director of the Research Center for Fisheries Dilmurod Shokhimardonov. – This fish easily adapts to our climate, water and other conditions. There are very good prospects for its further export. In addition, it will be possible to test Chinese technologies in Uzbekistan, significantly increase the volume of fish harvesting.

According to D.Shokhimardonov, Chinese partners are interested in importing this fish to Uzbekistan and improving its breed by crossing with local breeds living in natural reservoirs of Bukhara.

It is also planned to cooperate for improving such breeds as carp, white amur, white carp, spotted carp.

Davron Sunnatov, UzA
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