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11.09.2017 18:35

Republican scientific-practical seminar entitled “Attention to literature – attention to morality and future” held in Karmana

The seminar was arranged by the Uzbekistan youth union, the republican morality and enlightenment centre in partnership with the Navoiy Regional hokimiyat (governorate).

Poets and writers, journalists and young people attended the seminar.

The presidential state adviser for youth policy issues and the chairman of the central council of the Uzbekistan youth union, Q.Quronboyev; the chief of the republican morality and enlightenment centre, A.Qodirov; and others said that books were incomparable in strengthening such feelings of young people as loyalty to the country and respect for national and universal values and in bringing up a highly intellectual generation.

A Presidential decree dated 12 January 2017 “On establishing a commission for the popularization of reading and the raising of book-reading culture and for the development of the system of publishing and distributing books” is an important programme document in this sphere.

The essence and significance of independence, peace and calm in this country and big achievements being made by the people in the years of independence are for young people’s bright future.

“Together with my peers we traditionally hold various enlightenment events and contests. I have read more than 50 books so far. I am collecting the best works of world and national literature. My parents have created the necessary conditions for that,” says a 8th grade pupil of general education school No 4 in Karmana District, Ibrohim Ghafforov.

During the seminar, special gifts, books, diplomas and certificates of merit were given to active young people for participating in moral propagation work among youths.

Nuriddin Rahimov, UzA
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