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12.03.2018 17:31

Regulators on motorcycles will eliminate Tashkent traffic jams

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Tashkent Rustam Djurayev held an open dialogue with mass media workers.

During the conversation it was noted that all opportunities are being mobilized for ensuring security of the capital. Departments for coordinating activities of law enforcement bodies have been formed in Tashkent. Special control is taken over the activities that are being carried out on solving the most important problems of citizens, preventing offenses, ensuring prompt measures on disclosing crimes. At the same time, the formed 73 departments of internal affairs are responsible for maintaining public order, preventing offenses and fighting crime.

Capabilities of the hardware and software complex “Safe City” are widely used in order to ensure prompt, coordinated cooperation in detection of crimes.

The crime rate in Tashkent declined by 43.7 percent as a result of measures taken in January and February of this year. 90 percent of committed crimes are disclosed.

More than 140 surveillance cameras, installed on the streets and in the makhallas of the capital, are contributing to disclosure of crimes.

One of the current problems is traffic jams at the crossroads. Employees of motorcycle service are operating in order to eliminate them in a timely manner. So far, ten such services have been established, which go to places and stabilize the situation in an emergency order when information is received about the presence of a traffic jam.

Employees of the service for prevention of violations are provided with official housing and cars. This increased the quality of their work. In the current year, no crimes were registered in 176 makhallas. However, despite the created conditions, there are cases of violation of the law among the employees of the sphere. During the past year, three employees who committed violations were brought to justice and fired from the bodies.

Norgul Abduraimova, UzA
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