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03.07.2018 23:58

Record of Uzbekistan military personnel

Record of Uzbekistan military personnel Recently Minsk (the Republic of Belarus) hosted international competitions in military-applied sport – the all-around military-sports complex among representatives of the armies of the CIS member states. The military personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan took the honorable second place.

The teams of Belarus (two teams), Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, competed in the individual and team championship in the all-around military and sports complex, including running at a distance of 100 and 3000 meters, throwing grenades at a distance, pulling up on the crossbar, overcoming a special obstacle course.

Our military demonstrated at the competitions high physical training and dexterity. Junior sergeant Isokjon Rustamov overcame obstacles at a distance of 400 meters in 2 minutes and 13 seconds, took the first place and set a record of these competitions.

At the competitions Shokhrukh Nizomov, Fakhriddin Mamarizayev, Isokjon Rustamov and Umid Akhmadjonov met the standards of the master of sports in military applied sports, Abbos Iskhokov – the candidate’s standard for a master of sports in military applied sports.

The third place was taken by representatives of Kazakhstan.

Mukhayyo Toshkorayeva, UzA
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