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01.01.2018 22:41

People of Karshi are hosting housewarming

People of Karshi are hosting housewarming – I am very happy today, – says a disabled of the group II Dilrabo Akhmedova. – As a result of an accident, my legs refused to function many years ago. Life became disgraceful, but attention and care of the President as if have revived me again. And today I became a housewife of my own house. The Head of the state gave us happiness. My gratitude is boundless. I wish him good health!

In 2017-2020, it is envisaged to construct forty multi-storey houses for 1701 apartments, in Karshi. Seven five-storey houses have been built this year, each of which has 315 apartments. These houses have been put into operation. People, who have moved there, are celebrating the New Year in their new houses. 

People of Karshi are hosting housewarming

Activities in this direction will continue to be implemented. In particular, 14 such affordable multi-storey buildings will be built this year, in Karshi. Currently, 2 such houses are being built on Jaikhun street, and 5 on Uzbekistan street. Foundation of 7 houses is laid in “Oydin” makhalla.

At the solemn event, keys to new apartments were awarded to 5 families, where there are people with disabilities.

Ulmas Barotov, UzA
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