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01.11.2017 17:13

Parks for people

Parks for people The Head of our state proposed to create a park complex of culture and recreation “Dustlik”, during the visit to Yashnabad district this year. The reconstructed park was put into operation on the eve of Mustakillik (Independence) holiday.

Visiting the park of culture and recreation “Dustlik” improves the mood of people. There are beautiful ornamental trees, comfortable benches, various attractions for children and adults, musical fountains.

Visitors can become acquainted with the models of world famous monuments such as the Statue of Liberty in the USA, the Taj Mahal Mausoleum in India, one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Egyptian pyramids, the symbol of France – the Eiffel Tower, the Samanid Mausoleum, Kalyan Minaret, Sherdor Madrasah in our country and others.

People in the park can make a journey into the world of books – there is a library here. “Dustlik” (“Friendship”) cafe operating in the park, shops, and spectacular entertainment promotes a good rest.

Parks for people

An amphitheater for 250 seats is built in the park for holding concerts during the holidays and public events.

Landscaping and greenery planting of the banks of Korasuv channel running through the territory were carried out in the process of construction of the “Dustlik” park complex. Now this is one of the most favorite places for people.

In recent years, special attention is paid to landscape design in greenery planting of recreation areas. Each tree or shrub, in harmony with the view of the surrounding area, contributes to the creation of a coherent picture. Rare plants, ornamental trees and flowers growing in parks are the property of the country and the nation.

Parks for people

The scale of work on landscaping and greenery planting is expanding in our country. The appearance of the capital, cities and villages is changing.

Decorative trees and bushes have been planted in the parks, walking areas, parks of culture and recreation this year. These are juniper, pine, ash, fern, oak, sophora, white birch, acacia, katsura, chestnut, ladle, tulip, spruce and other trees. Saplings of evergreen trees and others give special beauty to our country.

Parks for people

According to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, there are 150 culture and recreation parks in our country, 16 of them have been completely transformed, and seventy have been reconstructed. Current reconstruction was held in 12 parks, 34 new parks are created. Phased renovation in parks is continuing. More than thousand modern attractions are installed in the parks. More than 200 billion budget funds, as well as funds from sponsors and entrepreneurs have been spent for these purposes.

Shakhnoza Mamaturopova, photos by Okil Gulamov, UzA
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