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03.07.2018 17:42

On limitation of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes in public places

On June 20, 2018, the Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a law on limitation of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes in public places.

This law is aimed at protecting the health of citizens from harmful effects of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes, related social and other negative consequences, as well as creation of organizational and legal conditions for formation and adoption of a healthy lifestyle in society.

According to it, smoking of hookahs and electronic cigarettes is not allowed in public places:

in stationary trading objects, public catering establishments, except for specially allocated premises for smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes;

in cinemas, theaters, circuses, concert halls, exhibition halls and other indoor facilities intended for mass recreation;

in clubs, discotheques, computer halls, premises equipped for providing access to the Global Information Network, or in other places of entertainment (leisure);

in museums, information and library institutions and lecture halls;

in local and long-distance trains, in wagons (including vestibules) of suburban trains, on river vessels, in buses of city, suburban, intercity and international communication, in taxis and urban electric transport, as well as in aircraft;

in underground passages, at transport stops and places of temporary storage of motor vehicles;

in buildings of airports, railway, motor and water stations;

in the buildings of the state governing bodies and administration, economic management bodies, as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations;

in institutions and organizations of the healthcare system, educational institutions, physical culture and sports facilities;

in workplaces;

in entrances of apartment buildings, as well as in children’s and sports grounds located on the local area;

in squares, parks, on the streets and in other public places.

In addition, according to the adopted law, advertising and promotion of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes is not allowed.

Persons guilty of violating the legislation on limitation of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes in public places will be held accountable in accordance with established procedure.

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