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12.04.2018 17:29

New buildings for Cardiology and endocrinology departments

Cardiology and endocrinology departments, operating at Kitab district medical association of Kashkadarya region, began their activities in a new building.

All conditions for doctors and patients are created in a new building, built by sponsorship of “Shurtangazkimyo" complex of 1 billion 700 million soums. Laboratories and physiotherapy rooms are equipped according to modern requirements.

Cardiology department employs 40 qualified doctors. Over the past period of this year, 616 patients were treated here.

On the second floor of the building, there is a department of endocrinology, designed for 30 beds. Here, 42 medical workers are responsible for protecting health of the population. Patients with diabetes, diseases of thyroid gland are treated at this department. For the last period of the current year, 350 patients were provided with specialized medical assistance.

Ulmas Barotov, UzA
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