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07.12.2017 15:11

Multi-storey apartment houses put into use in Nukus

Multi-storey apartment houses put into use in Nukus In the Humbus Aul neighborhood of the town of Nukus, the Republic of Karakalpakstan, north-western Uzbekistan, seven multi-storey apartment houses have been put into use. These apartment houses consist of 315 apartments.

An event has been held on this occasion. It was said at the event that in the process of changing the appearance of towns and villages to meet the requirements of modern architecture, special attention was paid to further raising the living standards of the population and especially to providing homes for young and low-income families.

In accordance with a Presidential decree dated 22 November 2016 on measures relating to the implementation of a programme for the construction of affordable multi-storey apartment houses in towns in the years 2017-2020, these apartment houses were built.

The apartment houses were constructed by the Nukus konstant injiniring, Shorahon qurilish montazh and Kegeyli Yangi davr LLC.

In these apartment houses, put into use on the eve of 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, there are all the necessary conveniences.

A three-room apartment there has been provided for Aydos Tajimuratov, an officer of the patrol-post directorate of the internal affairs ministry of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

"This is a real holiday gift for our family. My wife Mehribon is very glad about the conveniences in the new home. Its guest room, children's room and kitchen are very good. We are grateful to our state for this kind of attention," says Aydos Tajimuratov.

The chairman of the Joqorghi Kenges (high council) of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, M.Yerniyazov, made a speech at the event.

Aminboy Ortiqboyev, photo by Maksad Habibullayev, UzA
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