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05.06.2018 16:23

Most active young specialists

Syrdarya regional stage of the republican competition “The most active young specialist of the year” was held in Gulistan.

The competition, organized by the regional department of trade union organizations, the territorial administration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Council of Youth Union of Uzbekistan and other organizations, involved the best specialists under the age of 35 representing different industries.

The importance of the competition is that it supports the desire of young people to become better in their business, introduce innovative ideas, projects and technologies and through them to create new jobs and provide employment for the population.

Following the event, the most active young scientist, doctor, bank employee, silk industry worker, educator, internal affairs officer, builder, transport worker, farmer were identified. The winners got the right to participate in the republican stage of the competition.

Winners were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts from the organizers.

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