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25.04.2018 10:48

Modern hotel in Nurata

Modern hotel in Nurata Nurata district of Navoi region has a rich history and high tourism potential. The center of attraction for tourists and pilgrims here is Chashma complex.

In the complex special attention is paid to providing guests with modern services, familiarizing tourists with the history and culture of the region. Next to the pilgrimage site, a majestic Museum building and a handicraft center are being built. In addition, a colorful hotel with 50 seats has already been built. This will allow foreign tourists to get acquainted with the lifestyle of Uzbek families and Nurata culture.

Two and three-story modern houses are being built in order to provide a single architectural ensemble around Chashma complex, instead of closely and randomly constructed houses. On the first floors there will be artisan workshops and stores. It should be noted that this year it is also planned to reconstruct the Chilustun and Panjvakta mosques located on the territory of the complex. A library and a conference hall will be built on both sides of the gate of Chashma complex. An observation deck will be organized on the upper part of the complex of Nur kala fortress.

Nuriddin Rakhimov, photos by Siroj Aslanov, UzA
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