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04.07.2018 00:22

Liberalization of customs services

A press conference with participants of foreign economic activity was held at “Navoi” free economic zone.

Responsible workers of regional directorates of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry told about the benefits and facilities created in the country for entrepreneurs engaged in export-import operations.

In accordance with the “Program of measures on improving the activity of the State Customs Service”, the issuance by customs authorities of permits for the movement of goods under customs regimes, as well as permission to change the route of movement of foreign road carriers through the territory of the country, is canceled. In addition, customs clearance of identical goods within the framework of a single foreign trade contract is carried out through the provision of periodic declarations. Quarantine permit, permission for import and export of flora and fauna objects, veterinary, hygienic and ecological certificates for identical goods within the framework of one foreign trade contract are issued once, but not more than for one calendar year.

It was noted that customs authorities carry out customs control in respect of goods and vehicles after their release for free circulation, in order to verify the accuracy of the declared information and the legitimacy of foreign trade activities of business entities.

Nuriddin Rakhimov, UzA
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