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05.07.2018 15:53

Is the medical examination for doctors themselves chargeable?

The Committee on the issues of health protection of citizens of the lower house of parliament held a roundtable on “Issues of organizing periodic medical examination of medical personnel: problems and solutions”.

Large-scale activities on improvement of the quality of medical services are being carried out in the country. In particular, more than 70 documents aimed at reforming all links and directions of the medical field were adopted within the framework of the Action Strategy.

The state of the healthcare system in 70 districts and cities of the country has been studied to ensure the consistency of the work carried out by members of the Committee on the issues of health protection of citizens of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. About 2 thousand identified shortcomings and 800 problems were eliminated with practical assistance of deputies.

At the roundtable, attention was paid to the control and analytical results of actions taken for executing the legislation on conduction of medical examination of employees. It is known that, according to the current legislation, the categories of medical workers that are required to undergo a medical examination are defined. It should be free. However, when deputies began to study the activities of healthcare departments of Tashkent, Fergana, Navoi and Namangan regions, it became clear that these services were being paid, which is a violation of the law.

At the event, the Ministries of Health and Finance were instructed to determine measures for organizing a medical examination of employees of budgetary organizations, in particular medical personnel, without spending money. Proposals and opinions of medical and preventive institutions on elimination of existing deficiencies were heard.

Abdulaziz Musayev, UzA
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