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05.09.2017 18:11

Independence – factor of success

At the Mirzo Ulughbek National University of Uzbekistan, an event has taken place on the slogan “My love and devotion to you, my native Uzbekistan”.

The minister of higher and secondary special education, I.Majidov, and others said that attention being paid in the process of reforms in the system of education to creating conditions for the younger generation to acquire modern knowledge and to learn professions and to establishing close cooperation with foreign higher education institutions was giving good results.

Today the Mirzo Ulughbek National University of Uzbekistan cooperates with 80 higher educational institutions and scientific foundations of 35 states.

During a lesson on independence and a lesson on remembrance, there was talk about factors in the achievement of independence and successes by the Uzbek nation in these years.

It was said that today’s peaceful and quiet life, positive changes going on in the way of thinking of young people and conditions being created in the country were associated with the name of a great statesman and politician, the First President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov.

Shahnoza Mamaturopova, UzA
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