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09.04.2018 23:13

In memory of Amir Temur

Amir Temur is a great figure of Uzbekistan people, who made a huge contribution to the world development.

In memory of the great ancestor, people of Uzbekistan annually celebrate the birthday of Amir Temur.

On April 9, according to tradition a solemn event was held at the alley named after Amir Temur, in Tashkent. It was attended by members of Parliament, representatives of ministries and departments, writers, poets, scientists, students, the public, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Uzbekistan.

The interest in studying the rich heritage of Amir Temur and Temurids in the field of statehood, science, culture and creation is growing all over the world. Scientific research is conducted in Uzbekistan and abroad, works are created on contribution of Temurids in the world civilization. These works contribute to the discovery of new facets of Sahibkiran's personality, to a broader understanding of the state of which he ruled, and to the historical conditions in which he conducted his activities.

As Amir Temur's historical achievements in the sphere of creation – the construction of majestic buildings, palaces, madrasas, mosques, mausoleums, cities, comprehensively developed capitals of the state of Samarkand, created large gardens outside the cities, patronage for development of science, culture and art, creation of conditions for strengthening trade, economic and cultural ties – for centuries serve as a model of enlightenment for generations, and the activities of the President of Uzbekistan in these areas deserves great recognition not only among people of the country, but also all over the world.

The Code brought us the words of Sahibkiran: "One enterprising, courageous, valiant, resolute and wise person is better than a thousand careless and weak-willed ones”. Amir Temur said: "Power is in justice!" and today justice, care for people, tolerance are the priority directions of the policy of the Head of the state.

Students of “Temurbeks school” demonstrated coherence and dexterity in demonstration performances. Flowers were laid to the monument to Amir Temur.

The event was attended by the State Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.Sultanov.

Bayram Aytmuradov, UzA
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