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06.09.2017 20:11

In Farghona, regional phase of the “most exemplary family” contest takes place

This contest has been arranged by the regional women’s committee in partnership with the regional departments of the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation and the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation.

18 families who had won in the town and district stages of the contest participated in its regional phase.

Families are social units that guarantee society’s integrity and unity. They make people’s lives complete and ensure generations’ continuity.

A lofty quality characteristic of Uzbek people is that they adore their family. Families play a significant role in bringing up a healthy and harmoniously developed generation.

Such events are of importance to encouraging exemplary families and to propagating practical results of reforms being implemented in this sphere.

During the contest, special attention was paid to life experience for ensuring family unity, relations between parents and children, the extent of the knowledge of family members about national values, customs and traditions, their observance of a healthy lifestyle and their active participation in social work.

Homidjon Tojiboyev’s family living in Oltiariq District achieved first place and obtained the right to participate in the republican phase of the contest.

“My spouse and I are both retired teachers. We have many grandchildren. We are contented with our lives. In our country, practical measures have been taken to raise the prosperity of the population and to provide special care, attention and support for families. We feel these in our everyday lives,” says Homidjon Tojiboyev.

As part of the contest, prizes were given to the winners of such nominations as “book-loving family”, “sporty family”, “enterprising family”, “caring mother-in-law”, “generous family” and “exemplary daughter-in-law”.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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