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12.08.2016 10:23:17

Healthy children grow in healthy families

As part of the implementation of the Year of Maternal and Child Health state programme, a women’s sport festival has been held in Jizzakh under the slogan of “My life, my destiny – my sacred homeland, my beautiful and unique Uzbekistan”.

Under the leadership of the country’s President, special attention is being paid to further raising the social status of women and girls, supporting their initiative and creating modern conditions for them to engage in sports.

The presidential decree dated 25 May 2004 “On additional measures to support the activity of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan” is an important programme document in this sphere.

In the event arranged by the regional women’s committee in cooperation with the department for culture and sports and the association of trade unions, 273 women and girls who had won in the district and town stages participated.

In competitions in such sports as volleyball, table tennis, gymnaestrada, chess, darts, swimming and athletics, Jizzakh District’s team achieved first place. The teams of the town of Jizzakh and Zomin District took second place and third place.

“Thanks to special attention being given to strengthening women’s and girls’ health, favourable conditions are being created in our country for them to engage in sports. As our state’s leader said, healthy children grow in healthy families. The fact that the ranks of women and girls engaging in sports are expanding was very clearly evident in the territorial stages of this festival. Participants even from remote villages of the region took part in the competitions actively and with great interest,” says Nodira Alimova, the chairperson of the secretariat of the regional women’s committee.