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16.04.2018 14:06

Foreign films produced in Uzbekistan will now be realized via the film commission

A new step in development of Uzbek cinematography.

Uzbek Film Commission has been organized under “Uzbekkino” National Agency, the Center for Development of Cinematography and the Council of Young Cinematographers for promoting development of film service and film tourism in Uzbekistan and attracting foreign filmmakers to filming on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

These organizations will cooperate to attract foreign filmmakers to filming on the territory of the republic.

The main tasks of the Film Commission are attracting foreign investors to Uzbekistan, promoting the rich cultural and historical heritage and unique landscapes of the country’s nature, creating comfortable conditions for international film companies on the territory of the republic, providing organizational and technical services, film production of foreign film companies and local film studios, attracting local personnel to projects that will be launched in Uzbekistan, promotion at the international level of motion pictures made on the territory of the republic, thereby demonstrating the tourism attractiveness of the country and contributing to the development of film tourism.

The website of the film commission – – has been launched, which contains photographs and articles about the sights of Uzbekistan and information about the main activities and services of the film commission.

Another important task of the film commission is creation of new jobs in Uzbekistan, development of infrastructure and attraction of foreign investment into the country.

The film commission will be presented in May in “Uzbekistan” pavilion, created within the 71st Cannes Film Festival, in France.

The Uzbek Film Commission is expected to resolve the issue of becoming a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International in Los Angeles, thereby increasing the interest of foreign film companies in filming in Uzbekistan.

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