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04.07.2018 08:21

Effective use of local raw materials in manufacturing national products

Tashkent hosted a workshop on “Current issues of effective use of local raw materials in production of national products: in the example of “Uzeltekhsanoat” JSC enterprises”.

The event was organized by the faction of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Milliy Tiklanish in the Lower House of Parliament jointly with the Committee on the Issues of Industry, Construction and Trade of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and “Uzeltekhsanoat” JSC.

The program of specific measures on localization of production of imported products used by enterprises of “Uzeltekhsanoat” JSC was analyzed at the workshop. In 2017, the company's enterprises imported raw materials, components and equipment worth 244.7 million dollars, for January-May, 2018, this figure amounted to 103.7 million dollars.

A number of tasks for optimizing rates of customs duties for some products were identified in order to abolish customs duties in importing some components purchased for production, which is not possible to localize at a competitive price, as well as support of local enterprises.

The Resolution of the President of the country “On further measures of regulating foreign economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan” of March 31, 2017 serves as an important legal basis for systematization of work in this direction.

The regulation of customs tariffs in order to strengthen competitiveness of production, support a healthy competition atmosphere, stimulate export of products with high added value, saturation of domestic market with qualitative consumer products was defined.

A presentation of imported components required by enterprises of “Uzeltekhsanoat” JSC for production of cable and wire products, electrical and household appliances was held at the workshop.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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