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20.06.2018 22:01

Deputies discussed actual draft laws on reforming various spheres

On June 20, deputies considered a number of draft laws aimed at accelerating the social and economic reforms that are being implemented and are important at the current stage of the country's development, at a regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis.

More than ten issues are on the agenda. Each of them has been preliminarily discussed at the meetings of political parties and deputy group from the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan with participation of representatives of ministries and agencies, civil society institutions.

Deputies began their work with consideration of the draft law providing for the introduction of amendments to the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

According to the additions, legal entities that provide services on renting cars and motor vehicles can conclude contracts with individuals for renting cars and motor vehicles in simple written form for up to thirty days.

In the opinion of the deputies, the adoption of this law will serve to enhance the tourism potential of the country and development of the tourism industry.

Positive changes in the education system are also the result of radical reforms carried out in recent years. The next draft law on the agenda is important because it creates the legislative basis for the reforms in the field of education. In particular, new directions in the education system are legislatively fixed.

This draft law provides for the mandatory 11 year system in general secondary and secondary special education, continuation of vocational education on a voluntary basis after 11 years of basic education, creation of favorable conditions for legal entities engaged in provision of non-state educational services, expansion of network of educational institutions, created on the basis of public-private partnership, improvement of the normative-legal acts and simplification of licensing activities in the sphere of private educational services, regulating this activity.

According to deputies, the adoption of the law will serve the legal support of reforms in the education system, further improvement of the sphere.

Deputies discussed the draft law "On Plant Quarantine" in a new version, in the second reading.

In the process of drafting the law for the second reading, serious attention was paid to implementation of ideas set forth in the decrees and resolutions of the President of the country regarding the improvement of this sphere.

Responsible committee at places held round table discussions and meetings on this draft law with specialists of the sphere, entrepreneurs, representatives of farmer enterprises, during which more than 100 proposals were received.

As deputies noted, the adoption of the law will serve to improve the mechanism of regulating relations in the field of plant quarantine, expand international cooperation, introduce modern foreign technologies and methods of work into the activity of the quarantine service. In addition, in the sphere of developing international trade relations, it will be possible to introduce concrete measures and norms on ensuring phytosanitary security, to promote the trade in plants and plant products – to prevent from harmful diseases of plants, insects and weeds. These measures should be followed by business entities involved in the import and export of products.

The draft law “On limitation of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes in public places”, introduced for the discussion of the lower house on the initiative of a group of deputies from the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish”, was also considered at the second reading.

It was emphasized that this draft law is aimed at protecting health of citizens from harmful effects of smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes, related social and other negative consequences, in particular, statement among youth of a healthy lifestyle, as well as creation of organizational and legal conditions for formation and approval of the atmosphere of the fight against smoking among the public of the country, as well as throughout the world.

During the discussion, representatives of factions of political parties noted that the adoption of the draft law would prevent the widespread use of smoking hookah and electronic cigarettes in public places, serve to prevent the spread of diseases associated with the risk of infection due to group smoking hookah and electronic cigarettes.

Deputies also adopted the Law “On establishing the Geologists Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

At the meeting, other issues included in the powers of the Legislative Chamber of the Parliament were also considered.

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