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07.04.2018 09:47

Club of Young Lawyers is founded

The Institute of Problems of Legislation and Parliamentary Studies under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan established a Club of Young Lawyers.

Deputies, employees of the Institute of Problems of Legislation and Parliamentary Studies, the Central Council of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, professors, teachers and students of Tashkent State University of Law attended the event, which was held in the lower house of parliament and dedicated to the activities, goals and objectives of the Club.

The Club consists of employees of the Institute, representatives of the Commission on Youth Issues of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, members of the “Youth wing” of political parties, students of higher education institutions and talented youth.

The main tasks of the Club are to discuss current problems of lawmaking and law enforcement practice in the Republic of Uzbekistan, organization of scientific practical discussions on rules of legal and technical registration of normative legal acts, issues of norm and lawmaking.

– This club will play a big role in studying the practice of developing and adopting draft laws by the parliament, raising the political and legal culture of youth, exchanging experience on the essence and significance of normative legal acts, – said Valisher Davlatov, chief researcher of the Institute of Problems of Legislation and Parliamentary Studies. – This club will also open wide opportunities for young lawyers. We must effectively use the provided opportunities.

Guzal Sattorova, UzA
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