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17.06.2016 15:53

Children enjoying holidays in camps

A new season has begun in the Mehribonlik health camp in Bostonliq District of Tashkent Region.

At an event held on this occasion, D. Kenjayev, deputy minister of public education of Uzbekistan, and others have said that under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, care and attention are being provided for every child in the country. This is vividly evident in the process of children’s summer health treatment as well.

In the camp Mehribonlik under the Ministry of Public Education, children of the country’s orphanages are staying for the holidays. At the first stage, 260 children of Mehribonlik orphanages in Tashkent city, Bukhoro, Navoiy, Samarqand and Tashkent Regions were invited there.

“Improvement and construction work has been carried out at the camp with the goal of ensuring pupils’ meaningful rest,” says the director of the camp, Orif Turdiyev.

More than five thousand literary enlightenment books, language learning textbooks and periodical publications were brought in from the republican children’s library. Qualified specialists of children’s Barkamol Avlod centres were involved in further improving work in those study groups.

Creative gatherings with the participation of scholars, spiritual propagation workers, writers and poets as well as representatives of such spheres as culture and art will be arranged here devoted to the 25th anniversary of the homeland’s independence. Various intellectual games, contests and exhibitions of paintings will be conducted to help discover young talents.

At the event, a concert programme was presented to pupils of Mehribonlik children’s homes.

Azima Qiyosova, UzA
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