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31.12.2017 17:16

Chairman of Tajik national cultural center of Samarkand region: We are one people, speaking two languages

Uzbekistan is a multinational country where representatives of more than 130 nations and nationalities live in friendship and harmony. This is the life reflection of the norm enshrined in our Constitution – “All citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan shall have equal rights and freedoms, and shall be equal before the law, without discrimination by sex, race, nationality, language, religion, social origin, convictions, individual and social status”.

A year ago, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in his speech at the joint session of the Chambers of the Oliy Majlis on December 14, 2016, noted: “I consider it my priority task to cherish the atmosphere of interethnic and civil harmony, mutual understanding and friendship that reigns in our society as the apple of my eye”. We were all convinced in this by activities of the Head of the state during the year. Recently, in his Address to the Parliament, the President again paid special attention to this issue and outlined tasks for the future. And we, representatives of national cultural centers, should show activity and be responsible for fulfilling these tasks.

All conditions in Samarkand region are created for Tajiks residing here, preserving and developing their national traditions and values.

Currently, education in 37 general schools of the region are conducted in Uzbek and Tajik. Classes in more than 20 schools are conducted in Tajik. Students are provided with necessary textbooks and teaching aids. Faculty of Tajik philology is operating in one of the country’s prestigious universities – Samarkand State University. There are groups teaching in Tajik at six faculties of the university, where qualified specialists are trained annually.

“Ovozi Samarkand” newspaper is published in Tajik, the founder of which is the khokimiyat of the region. A number of other district newspapers are publishing materials in Tajik. Regional TV and radio company and “Samarkand-STV” TV creative association are broadcasting special programs in Tajik through its TV and radio channels.

Presentations of books written in Tajik by writers and poets, as well as works of art are being traditionally held with the cooperation of the regional branches of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, the Creative Union of Journalists and the Academy of Arts. So, in 2017 presentations of works of more than 10 creative workers were held. Literary readings are held with participation of representatives of various nationalities on the square where the monument to Rudaki is erected, in Samarkand.

Uzbek and Tajik people speak different languages, but they have much in common in holidays, customs and traditions. Therefore, we together celebrate holidays, weddings, various events, important dates. In fact, we are one people, speaking two languages.

Taking the opportunity, I congratulate representatives of all nations and nationalities living in our country on the coming New Year. Let our friendship, based on harmony, trust and sincerity, be eternal. May there always be peace in our country and a clear sky above us!

Abduvakhob VOKHIDOV,
Chairman of Tajik national cultural center
of Samarkand region.

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