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07.02.2017 09:14

Ceremony held in Samarqand to see off young men going for fixed-term military service

Ceremony held in Samarqand to see off young men going for fixed-term military service At the collecting point of the Samarqand Regional directorate for defence matters, a ceremony has been held to see off the first group of young men who were called up for fixed-term military service in accordance with the Presidential resolution dated 21 December 2016 “On a regular call-up of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan for fixed-term military service and on transferring to the reserve of the Armed Forces servicemen who have served out the set term of military service.”

The chief of the national idea and ideology scientific-practical centre of the republic, A.Mavrulov; and others said that reforms being implemented in the country’s armed forces were giving their high results.

The selection of completely healthy young men for military service after they successfully pass a number of tests is an important factor in raising the potential and prestige of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In order to conduct the call-up at a high organizational level, all the necessary conditions were created at the collecting points in localities for examining conscripts’ health and for testing their physical and intellectual potential. This makes it possible to select the worthiest candidates for the army. Representatives of both state and public organizations are members of the call-up commissions.

Conscripts and their parents who made speeches at the ceremony expressed gratitude for the possibilities that had been created.

“I am glad that I am going to do fixed-term military service. I consider it an honour to perform my duty in the ranks of the national army, to justify the trust of my parents and to defend the Motherland devotedly,” says Doston Abdunabiyev.

Memorable gifts were presented to those conscripts.

Gholib Hasanov, photo by Alisher Isroilov, UzA
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