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02.08.2018 22:30

Bukhara hosted Melon Festival

Bukhara hosted Melon Festival
The Melon Festival, dedicated to the 27th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan was held in ancient Bukhara, near the park of fountains named after Abu Ali ibn Sina.

The holiday, organized under the motto “Generosity of the blessed Bukhara”, became a kind of demonstration of possibilities of melons cultivation in the region.

Bukhara has long been famous for the best melons in the world. Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur wrote in his work “Baburname” that in Mawerannahr there are no sweets sweeter than in Bukhara. Unfortunately, in the recent past, due to the monoculture of cotton, attention to melon-growing has been weakened. This problem was eliminated in the years of independence. Over the past time, the tradition of growing dozen varieties of melon has been restored in Bukhara. Traditional Melon Festival served as an important stimulating factor in this.

224 farms of the region brought 1 thousand 890 tons of watermelons and melons to the current event, the trade fair. Buyers were offered various varieties of melon – “Amiri”, “Bekzodi”, “Oq urugh”, “Burikalla”, several kinds of “Gulobi” variety.

There are not only melons in the pavilions, but also fruits, the quality and prices of which attract many visitors.

Foreign tourists also took part in the folk festival.

Following the festival, the awarding ceremony of active participants took place.

Sale of honey was also organized at the festival. Bukhara’s beekeepers brought more than 3 tons of this medicinal product.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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