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13.09.2017 20:18

Answers given to questions of interest to young people

At the second session of the youth press club set up at the central council of the Uzbekistan youth union, there was discussion about results of the implementation of the state youth policy in this country and future tasks.

The event was arranged by the Uzbekistan youth union in cooperation with the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament).

The session was attended by representatives of ministries and departments, young people and workers of mass media.

The event was held in the format of open dialogue. It was said that attention and care being provided for young people in the country and the state youth policy served as a firm basis for their success and achievements.

Opinions were expressed on the essence and significance of the law on state youth policy and on its implementation in localities.

The deputy chairman of the central council of the Uzbekistan youth union, O.Tojiyev; the deputy chairman of a committee of the Senate of Oliy Majlis, G.Alimova; a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, A.Kurbonov; the deputy chairman of the managing board of the Mahalla public charity foundation, A.Mirzajonov; and others spoke about the legal basis of the sphere and about the significance of laws being adopted and answered young people’s questions.

During the conversation, there was a talk about the role of the law on state youth policy in the lives of the younger generation, the national parliament’s experience of drawing up legislative acts directed towards reliably protecting young people’s interests and the role of citizens’ self-governing bodies in implementing the state youth policy.

During the event, answers were given to questions that had been sent online.

Gozal Sattorova, UzA
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