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14.06.2016 09:53

Active preparations for the holiday

Uzbekistan’s Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party and this party’s faction in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament) have conducted an event devoted to the implementation of the presidential resolution dated 2 June this year “On preparations for and celebrating the 25th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

At the event, the chairman of the executive committee of the party’s central council. S. Otamurodov, and others have said that results of reforms aimed at building a democratic state and civil society in the country show that the national development strategy worked out by the President of this country, Islam Karimov, is right.

There are plans to conduct forums, festivals, events and gatherings devoted to this greatest and dearest holiday on such themes as “Peace and calm – the basis of all our achievements”, “Families’ happiness is a result of independence”, “Independence is national revival and development” and “Tomorrow is our goal”.

The goal of events to be held under the slogan of “My life, my destiny – my native and unique Uzbekistan” is to explain to Uzbekistan’s population and the international community the essence and significance of achievements made during the years of independence, the protection of national interests in all the spheres of Uzbekistan and the propagation of the country’s rich heritage, customs and traditions.

“At this event, it was explained to people, especially young people, on the basis of life examples that independence completely changed our lives and opened up possibilities for building prosperity and a bright future,” says a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, Nodirjon Muhtorov.

It was especially noted that there was a need to safeguard the country’s priceless wealth – peace and calm and always be vigilant and careful.

Azima Kiyosova, UzA
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