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14.03.2018 21:22

A militant who prepared acts of terrorism in Russia is sentenced in Fergana

Fergana Regional Criminal Court sentenced a 22-year-old resident of Margilan, Abdulbosit Akhmadjanov to 15 years imprisonment, who was involved in military operations in Syria, as well as involved in preparation of a terrorist act in Russia.

His father Kamoliddin previously worked in Turkey, engaged in cleaning up entrances of residential buildings. In September 2012, he persuaded his son to come to him, and he illegally traveled from Ukraine to Turkey. First, the father and son cleaned the entrances in Istanbul, and then moved to the city of Bursa.

In Istanbul, he met a man named Bilol, who, as it turns out, under the pseudonym Abu Umar, was recruiting young people for sending to Syria. The real name of the recruiter is Biloliddin Rozikov, a native of Namangan.

As reported by “Akhborot” program, sometime later A.Akhmadjanov became an adherent of the terrorist group “Tawhid wal-Jihad”, operating in Syria. In January 2016, Akhmadjanov went to Syria, where he was trained in military activities and took part in battles against government forces.

“We were told that we are Muslims and should help Muslims. When I arrived there, I saw how everything was unclean, how many different diseases, no real help was provided to Muslims. Diseases were transmitted from one to another, women were tortured, moreover, they sell women to each other for money”, — said 22-year-old Abdulbosit Akhmadjanov.

Later, he moved to the terrorist organization “Imarat Kavkaz” and continued to participate in hostilities. When terrorists in Syria began to incur large losses, Akhmadjanov decided to return to Turkey and asked for assistance from an old friend, Bilol. He asked to commit an act of terrorism on the territory of Russia, promising to pay 15 thousand dollars.

The young man passed courses on preparing improvised explosive devices. After that he had to go to Russia and join the perpetrators of the terrorist act, but was detained in Hatay, in Turkey. After which he was deported to Uzbekistan. Where he was judged...

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